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About Us

I love running.  Like a loyal friend, it has drifted in and out of my life at varying intensities but has always been there.  No matter where life takes me it's something I can count on.  It lifts me and makes me the best version of myself.  As a child I was given a stopwatch for my birthday.  I remember hitting the button and sprinting off.  I felt so fast, I probably wasn't but that isn't the memory that stands out.  My memory is one of freedom, strength, endless possibilities.  If I can be this good today, I can be better tomorrow.  It's a beautiful thing when we can test our limits, at any age and in lots of ways.  

SISU MAINE was created to share my love of running and the power which it holds. I hope that you can visit often, become inspired, and allow running to become part of your story.


Jill is a Maine runner, artist, mom, marathoner, RCCA certified running coach, and soon to be USATF certified coach.   

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