Take time to get fitted for the right shoes for your foot.  Try to find a local running store rather than a chain, their staff is typically trained to watch you run and take note of your foot strike.  With a proper fitted shoe you can save yourself from an injury down the road and will be happy you took this step! Click here for my favorite shoe picks and learn why!

Set yourself up for success by following a plan that is manageable.  A good plan starts out slow or with planned intervals, mixes in strength and cross training, and isn't too long.  If a race appeals to you, set that as a goal!  Click here to browse beginner plans or follow a custom plan with coach support.    

This is a key step and one that will pay in dividends!  Proper form can help you become a more efficient runner, conserve energy, run longer distance, and reduce the risk of injury!  To read more tips on form click here.

Starting a plan can be exciting, its common for beginners to "overshoot" their runs.  There's a difference between a run that is a challenge and one that is unattainable.  Set yourself up for success by confidently completing some of the earlier runs.  As you build upon your fitness go ahead and challenge yourself!  You want to build a strong base before tackling speed or long distance.

If you are just beginning or coming back into it your body needs times to adjust to the demands.  Rest when you need, stay on top of nutrition and hydration, and don't skimp on strength.  I can't say it enough...a strong running body is one that will take you far!  Click here for running specific strengthening.  

As the miles stack up your body is breaking down in order to build up stronger.  Allow it to do it's job!  Hyrdate, replenish what you've lost, and stretch!  If you feel at any point something doesn't feel right don't push it.  Remember you aren't gaining anything sitting on the sidelines with an injury!  Click here to learn more about recovery.